BreakAway is one of Central Illinois' favorite live bands, featuring covers of 80's rock, country favorites, and a wide variety of everything in between.  With hundreds of performances in their nine-year history, BreakAway has entertained thousands of people across Illinois via radio, television and live venues of all descriptions.

Appearances and Events

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Meet the Band

Will Sharp -

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Will has been playing guitar for over a decade and has been singing for close to that. His voice is a powerhouse combinaiton of AC/DC and Guns N' Roses style.

Hunter Laughhunn -

Lead Guitar

Heavily influenced by country and rock music, Hunter combines the two perfectly in his playing. After over 10 years of practicing, playing live, and teaching, his guitar proficiency is unquestionable.

Dante Minardi -

Bass Guitar

A heavy hitting bass is what every band needs, and Dante's style is exactly that. After only 4 yearsof playing, his hand is steady and skill is unparalleled.

Spencer Sharp -


Playing the drums for most of his life, Spencer has been influenced by many drummers. He effortlessly combines his favorite styles into the music he plays.

Spencer Ferrar -

Rhythm Guitar

As a guitar teacher and student himself, Spencer has taken all of his influences and put them into his own hard hitting rhythm style.


The band wouldn't be what it is today without the strong support and encouragement of our families, friends and members of the community.  We would like to offer very special thanks to:

Jon Clarkson of X-Krush

Scott Wattles of The Blue Suede Crew

Mike Kallis of Sound Source Music and the instructors of the Sound Source Academy

I Sing the Body Electric

Randy Myers of Suede

Joe Hall-Ingram for our logo

And of course, our deepest gratitude goes out to you, our fans!